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Horizontal Notebook bound in "Aged" Leather and Hand Decorated "Sassi" Paper Sumo Collection

Do you need an object that can enclose the drafts of your numerous projects?

You're in the right place! We have created for you the Horizontal Notebook from the Sumo collection!

Bound in high quality Italian leather and hand decorated paper. The cover, in the last phase, is embellished with a soft leather strap, combined with the color of the leather used.

Our customers use this object to put on paper the noblest thoughts and designs that make their life a unique experience!

The interior of the Notebook is made up of 128 sheets of "Acid-Free" ivory-colored paper, of the highest quality and consistency.

(The color of the book spine leather and the leather lace is combined with the color of the hand-decorated paper, if you prefer other combinations do not hesitate to contact us!)


  • Hand treated and polished with special waxes
  • Hand-bound in aged leather and "Sassi" hand-decorated paper
  • The color of the leather spine and leather lace is combined with the color of the decorated by hand paper
  • Normal book spine
  • Hard-Cover
  • Handmade in Italy


Size: H17xL24 cm
Binding: Rigid cardboard cover bound with aged leather and "Sassi" hand-decorated paper and normal book spine
Closure: Soft leather lace combined with the leather color
Inside: 128 sheets (256 pages) in "Acid-Free" ivory color paper

Package: Black box with "matches like" closure

Do you want to customize the notebook with a touch of your own? Contact Us! We will reply within a few minutes!



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