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Large Notebook Bound in "Aged" Leather Echo Collection

When beauty and simplicity of shapes meet, the result is always something exceptional.

We present the Echo collection! Classic notebook covered in top quality leather treated in a natural way, born from the request of one of our affectionate customers who had the need to exhibit a simple and versatile object on the desk of his studio, which could help him in carrying out his work, but to the the same time could be in harmony with the design of the studio!

Characterized by bright and brilliant colors with an "aged" effect, the large Echo notebook has the cold-engraved "NOTE" written on the cover, which you can customize according to your tastes!

The inside of the notebook is composed of 128 sheets of "Acid-Free" ivory-colored paper of the highest quality and consistency. Echo Collection ... Simplicity and elegance at your fingertips!


  • Customizable (The engraving will be placed automatically instead of the word "NOTE")
  • Hand treated and polished with special waxes
  • Hand-bound in aged leather
  • Normal Spine
  • Cold-engraved hardcover
  • Handmade in Italy


Size: H21xL17 cm
Binding: Rigid cardboard bound in "aged" leather and normal spine
Inside: 128 sheets (256 pages) in "Acid-Free" ivory color paper

Package: Black box with "matches like" closure

Do you want to customize the notebook with a touch of your own? Contact Us! We will reply within a few minutes!



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